But First, Makeup…

“I have way too many lipsticks.” -Said No Woman Ever


I hope everyone is having a wonderful Monday where ever you may be. Today, I am going to share with you one of my favorite rooms in my house, my beauty room. When I first moved in with Beeper he always promised me that one of the four bedrooms could be my closet/beauty room. At the time I didn’t have a vanity, I was doing my makeup sitting on the floor in front of a window with a tiny mirror. It took me forever to really decide what vanity I wanted so I went with building my own from Ikea, however, I live in the middle of no where and there isn’t a close Ikea here so shipping for me is $300+. Luckily, I found everything on Amazon. You can thank me later….

It’s Later. haha

“Home is where your makeup stash is.”



Ikea Lack Wall Shelf:

I have been meaning to buy another shelf to put in the corner to match the other side  but I still haven’t got around to do it just yet. So anyways….If you are interested in the Ikea lack wall shelf you can stand it up (as shown in picture) or you can mount it to the wall horizontally to have a bookshelf. I believe there is about 10 – inches between each shelf so you could hold as many books or other decor.

You can purchase this item here: Ikea Lack Wall Shelf

Alex Drawers

The drawers are called Alex Drawers. They have eight different compartments. These can hold so much makeup. They are a pain in the A$% to put together and they are super heavy and sturdy as well. They come in three different colors but I love the white look.

You can purchase the drawers here: Alex Drawers

Linnmon Desk Tabletop

In my picture I had ordered the 47-inch they come in two more different sizes. If I had to do it back over I would’ve chose the largest tabletop just for more room, but I am still happy with what I have now. You don’t need to mount this onto your drawers it just fits perfectly fine on top up against the wall.

You can purchase the tabletop here: 47-inch Linnmon Table Top


You can purchase the tabletop here: 59-inch Linnmon Tabletop

Vanity Girl Hollywood

My favorite thing is my mirror. I think it is the first thing you see as soon as you enter my room. After I had got all of the above Beeper surprised me with this mirror. It is all metal and SUPER sturdy. It comes with the tools to mount it to the wall which I haven’t done yet. It is pricey but you honestly get what you pay for. I love it!

You can purchase the mirror here: Vanity Girl Hollywood


**My Zebra chair came from Wal-Mart which is currently out of stock. The bookcase is a refurbished bookcase I had purchased from the Dollar Store. All of the plastic containers that hold my lip products in came from Home Goods. Wall art is from Hobby Lobby.


I hope you all have enjoyed my vanity. There are many other ways to build your own or just buy them pre-made. I am the type of person who enjoys change so I am sure this will change eventually but don’t tell Beeper. haha. No way am I showing off or bragging on what I have. As I was researching for all of the products listed above the prices of this stuff has raised a lot. Like I said it is cheaper on Ikea but the shipping for me is outrageous. I hope you all have a wonderful day or night where ever you may be.

xoxo- Boho, Blonde, and Beauty

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