A Brush To Blend Your Troubles Away




Here lately I have been wanting to expand my makeup brush collection. When I heard that Jaclyn Hill was doin a lil somethin, somethin with Morphe; I had to check it out. So the makeup brush set comes with 23 brushes and a gorgeous black snakeskin hard traveling case for them.

okay..I’m listening…

However, the price is $155. But with Morphe affiliates you can use their discount code to recieve extra cash off, plus, free shipping. But before I bought it, I checked out what came in this set. I asked myself mulitple questions on which brushes I needed the most and if it would be cheaper for me to buy them separately. So I started shopping for the brushes that I wanted and low and behold half of the brushes I searched for was out of stock. There are other makeup brush sets you can buy as well. But none of the those brushes interested me. So I ended up buying Jaclyn favorite’s.


The brush set includes:

M439 – Foundation |

E8 – Detail Contour |

E41 – Powder |

R2 – Bronzer |

R10 – Contour |

M530 – Blush/Contour |

M437 – Round Contour |

M438 – Under Eye |

M510 – Highlight |

E47 – Eye/Contour |

E36 – Small Round Crease |

M432 – Definer Brush |

M213 – Brow Bone Highlight |

E18 – Inner Corner Highlight |

M506 – Tiny Blending |

E17 – Small Round Blending |

M504 – Big Blending Brush |

R37 – Transition Blending Brush |

M513 – Smaller Transition Blending Brush |

M518 – Round Blender |

M441 – Blending  |

M573 – Blending Brush | Sorry guys, but for some reason there are no link to this brush.

M433 – Smaller Outer Corner Blending Brush |


I hope you all enjoyed this post today. Have you tried any of these brushes? What’s your favorite makeup brush brand?

xoxo- Boho, Blonde, and Beauty

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