Beauty – Products I wouldn’t repurchase

Recently I have noticed that there are some beauty products in my collection that have been “collecting dust.” I went to reach for one product to use and was quickly reminded why I don’t use it anymore. TBH, it pretty much sucks. So I decided to throw together more items that I don’t like or in better words would not repurchase. Now obviously, just because I don’t like these products doesn’t mean you will to.


Jergens Natural Glow |

What it claims to do: No odor/Great scent. Gradually tans and firms your skin while moisturizing.

What it did for me: What turned me away from this product is the smell. It states that they formulated it to where it doesn’t have an odor but it does and it stinks to high heavens. It also leaves a gross film residue not typically the way regular lotion would feel. After having it on for not even an hour, I was already jumping back in the shower to wipe it off.

Lorac Tantalizer |

What it claims to do: Creates a velvety-smooth luminizing powder highlighting and a matte bronzing powder for perfectly contoured, bronze cheeks.

What it did for me: It didn’t do nothing. I couldn’t even color swatch to show you the pigmentation….because well, there isn’t any. It wouldn’t even go onto my brush either. It is just blank. Not worth the money!

Flower Beauty |

What it claims to do: Easy way to fill in sparse brows.

What it did for me: Nothing. This was another item that I just could not get any pigment from them without having to dig deep into my skin. I did buy two when I first picked these up. I got the color blonde and brunette. Another thing I didn’t like is the options of colors to choose from. I understand that this is a drugstore brand and it is fairly new by Drew Barrymore but these colors did not work for me.

NYX Blush |

What it claims to do: Pressed powder blush that glides on easy.

What it did for me: Nothing!! This was the product I reached for earlier. It wouldn’t swatch on my finger or apply any product to my brush. I am not for sure if there was some kind of film that may needed to be scratched off to achieve the blush color but I don’t have time for that. I don’t want buy makeup that needs to be damaged in order for it work. I love NYX and this was a huge let down for me.

Ulta Flawless Prime |

What it claims to do: Clears pores, smoother and clearer looking complexion. Reduces shine and prolongs foundation wear.

What it did for me: None of that. I also want to state that I did recieve this as a free gift from Ulta. First of all it comes out in a green very runny liquid. When using this product LESS IS MORE! After letting it dry which seemed like forever my foundation would not stick my face. I had patches every where. It was a complete mess. I definitely did not like this product and honestly, I don’t know why I even still have it.

Eco-Beauty |

What it claims to do: Keeps skin moisturized with eco friendly ingredients. Anti-aging and helps bring back healthier looking skin.

What it did for me: First of all, oh my lord, this stuff smells like complete anus. It states that it has cucumber ingredients but I have never smelled a cucumber like this. I figured after a while the smell would go away but no I could still smell it even an hour later. However, the time being that I did have it on it did moisturize my skin. If you can get over the fact that it smells like anus then this product is for you.

*I received this in one of my ipsys bags a while ago. I did not buy this product.

Kenra |

What it claims to do: Increases texture and fullness while drying up oils. light weight and holds hair up to 48 hours.

What it did for me: It broke my scalp out. I was so allergic to this. It made my head itch all day and even after I had washed it I would still itch. I am not for sure the ingredient that made me do this considering I have used Kenra while I worked in the salon and in school. I hated to see this product not work for me.

I hope you all enjoyed these posts! I think these are so interesting and I love hearing different and honest reviews. Keep in mind even though these products don’t work for me doesn’t mean they won’t work for you! I hope you have a wonderful day or night where ever you are!

xoxo- Your Bohemian Blonde

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