Gritts Farm

Hey guys!

So for those of you who don’t know me, I am from West the deep part of the Southern Coal Fields of West Virginia. I am completely busy today and will be this weekend so yesterday I decided to take my son to Gritts Farm with my parents. It was a blast!! There were corn mazes, a huge pumpkin field, several play ground areas and goats to feed. I figured I would mix it up a bit and show you how beautiful West Virginia is and what it has to offer.


Literally as soon as we arrived Liam fell asleep for a quick minute. (Also, he got a black eye the day before at mamaw’s house from tripping over his toys and landing on his metal Tonka truck.) 😦


Upon entering Gritt’s farm you walk by multiple greenhouses with beautiful Fall mums and more pumpkins.


As soon as we got there we had to ride the tractor to view the farm. My son is crazy obsessed with tractors. FYI, there are no tractors in this picture above, because as soon as we exited the tractor it was already hauling more people and leaving. But this is what we sat on.


He loved every minute of riding the tractor. They also had many pet dogs on the farm as well and there was one particular dog that raced with us the whole time. Liam loved it!




Afterwards we got to slide down these huge slides. They was TONS of fun. I could have seriously done this all day long.


This is the place where the goats stay their little house up top that they can climb up. I loved them! Liam was afraid of them haha, he wouldn’t even pet it. He kept saying stinks, Mom. haha

Afterwards we ended it by letting Liam play in this huge corn pit. At first he didn’t know what to think with corn being everywhere. He just kept filling up the Tonka trucks and emptying them.



I hope you all enjoyed this post and loved all of these pictures. We had so much fun here and we will definitely be going back each year.

xoxo- Your Bohemian Blonde

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