Beauty: My Favorite Perfumes 


Here lately I have been obsessing with these three perfumes. I am honestly, not that big of a fan when it comes to perfume in general because I have never really found one that I truly love until I ran across these.

Tease | I first bought this on Black Friday which is what I recommend. I forgot the price that I paid but I know it was not $55. This bottle has lasted me for a year now. I am obsessed with it and I love the package detailing. It is a warm smell with a hint of Vanilla which is my total weakness. I have seen reviews of the atomizer getting messed up which results in you not being able to spray any out which would be a huge bummer. Luckily, that hasn’t happened to me yet.

Prada Candy | This perfume is literally just like Candy. It is so warm, spicy, and sweet that you come crawling back for more.  The day I was at Sephora they was completely out of stock of the regular size bottles so I had to opt for the roller ball travel size. I try to conserve on this considering there isn’t much in it so this is only used for date nights until I get the bigger bottle. The package detailing on the regular size bottle is so cute and chic, I love it as well.

At The Beach | I was introduced to this perfume by a friend and I fell in love. This is so refreshing and cool, it has a hint of a toasty coconut smell. Honestly, I sprayed this on me and through out the whole day I was refreshed by the smell whenever I moved that I was automatically relaxed. It is so smooth and the price is just right for 8 fl oz. I love the details of the bottle it is such a light blue that you are always reminded that you’re at the beach.


I hope you all have a blessed Monday where ever you may be. If you have tried any of these please tell me your thoughts. What are you favorite perfume(s)?


xoxo- Your Bohemian Blonde

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