Beauty: Halloween Makeup


Hey guys!!

I hope everyone had a wonderful Halloween (for those who celebrated it). I had a fun time! We actually had a party the 28th which is also Beeper’s Birthday and I was completely exhausted by the time I was ready for it. But everyone came dressed and had a fun time. I am (secretly) already planning my next year’s costume.

So this year I dressed up as Little Red Riding Hood with a twist….The Big Bad Wolf got me. I wished I had more time to do something with all of the SFX makeup I had but my time was limited and plus, I was tired.


Mehron | So I used the latex from here and the stage blood. Before using any type of latex I would recommend doing a patch test to make sure you are not allergic to it. I also used tissue paper for more of that deeper skin cut look.

Little Red Riding Hood | This is the place I got my costume. However, I got the couple costume deal at a better price.

I hope you all enjoyed this post! What did you all dress up as for Halloween?

xoxo- Your Bohemian Blonde

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