Hi. I’m Rikka Collins

A little bit about me.

I created Your Bohemian Blonde with help by my best friend, Caitlyn. I have always wanted to start blogging but I always had the fear of failure in the back of my mind. I love Fashion and makeup. I thought it would be fun and easy to do on the side while being a full time mom and full time student + working part time.

Boy, was I wrong.

It is honestly, hard as hell and exhausting but here I am still kicking.

Everyday I dress to my mood. I have never been the “type” to wear just a t-shirt and yoga pants like the average girl. I personally hate black yoga pants after living in them for nine months pregnant. YUCK! However, I find fashion so inspirational. I love how everyone dresses to their personality.

I am twenty-five year old gal who lives in the Southern part of West Virginia. I am a licensed Cosmetologist and a MUA. I am also a full time student. I believe that you should never stop learning. Plus, I love proving everyone wrong.

I have an adorable and wild two year old boy named Liam. He is the light of my life and the reason why I am going for all of my goals. I am also in a relationship with Brandon for four years now. He is so good to me. I love him so.

I can’t thank you enough for stopping by and checking out my blog on what inspires me and what I love to do most. I would love to get to know my current followers please leave me a little fact about you.

xoxo- Your Bohemian Blonde

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