Beauty: Foundations That Are Not Worth The Hype


Revlon – ColorStay | What it claims to do: It is buildable to full coverage. Available in 12 longwearing shades. Provides a light comfortable feel. America’s #1 longwear foundation.

What it did for me: It is buildable to full coverage. However, as soon as I applied this to my face I had to work with it FAST. It is so hard to blend and once it sets on your face it sunk into my fine lines and would not budge. I did not like how it enhanced that at all. I also felt like cakey through the rest of the day. So this is a huge no for me.

*Also, side note…The foundation that is linked up above is for normal/dry skin. They do have the option for combination/oily. However, I have not used that.

Wet n Wild – Photo Focus Foundation  | What it claims to do: This is their new and improved flawless foundation. It claims to have been tested under 7 different photo lighting conditions to deliver a flawless look. It is matte foundation. Completely affordable!

What it did for me: So first of all…I had NO intentions of buying this. The only reason why I bought this is because everyone in the beauty weird on YouTube was raving about it. So I fell into the trap. I will say that I have only used this one time and I applied it with a beauty blender. I did not like this though. I felt like as soon as I put it on it was showing all of my dry spots and when I would go to add more it wouldn’t blend well. I do want to give this another shot and next time use a brush instead of a beauty blender.

Maybelline – BB Cream | What it claims to do: It is a 1-step wonder for healthier and clearer skin. Conceals imperfections and minimizes look of pores.

What it did for me: So I actually purchased this over the summer for something lightweight to wear. This is a BB Cream so this is super lightweight. It went on so smooth and it was perfect the first week. However, after that it started breaking me out SO bad. I hardly ever have breakouts. It was awful!

Milani – Perfect 2-in-1 Foundation | Medium to full coverage. Lightweight, oil free formula. Long wearing, water resistant and swear proof.

What it did for me: I searched high and low for this foundation. I was so excited to try it out and was so devastated when it didn’t meet my expectations. It claims to be oil free and I have dry skin however, it was completely oil on me. I don’t understand why. It also oxidized to a yellowish color as well which did not look good for me. I wore it once over the summer since I knew I was going to be outside all day and it claimed to be water resistant. I figured I would be safe. It melted off in an hour. I also do not like the color ranges that they have to offer. It is so hard to find your shade and more than likely you will have to buy two to mix. This foundation would be great if it was only tweaked a little.


Alright guys, this wraps up my foundations that was not worth the hype! Did your favorite foundation make my list? If it did then how do you apply it for you to love it? I hope you all have a wonderful day or night where ever you may be.

xoxo- Your Bohemian Blonde


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