Friday Favorites | Haircare

Hello loves!!

Welcome to Friday Favorites – Haircare!! I love sharing all of my favorites with you but these are what I use 24/7, some of these I use when I want to achieve that perfect beachy wave! So let’s get to it!!

Kenra – Blow Dry | I have super thick/coarse hair and this takes the time off when I have to blow dry it! Seriously, this stuff works and it is so awesome! It really does lower the time of my normal blow drying. When I worked in the salon this is what I used on a majority of my clients. I did put the link to Ulta but I would prefer you to purchase this off of your beautician or get them to get it for you & if either of those don’t work then use the Ulta link for your last resort.

Kenra – Heat Protectant | When it comes to styling your hair that involves any kind of heat I recommend using this heat protectant ALWAYS! If you can’t afford this then please find something that is a heat protectant that you can afford. Heat protection is so vital for your hair to lower the chances of damaging it and stunting its growth. I do NOT want that to happen!

Kenra – Volumizing | okay, so at first I was going to do a post of the Haircare products I use to achieve a beachy wave…but then I decided to just do Haircare Favorites. Which is why I picked volumizing which is really one of my favorites when it comes to a beachy wave. BUT my actual Haircare favorite is the color treated. If you color your hair a regular basis then you will definitely need to purchase a shampoo/conditioner that is for color treated hair. The shampoo/conditioner is so important and vital when it comes to treating hair color.

BigSexyHair | I am not a big person when it comes to using hairspray. But when I do use it I always reach for this one! This is easy to use on your hair that it won’t leave it stiff looking!

Hot Tools | When it comes to curling irons my all time favorite is Hot Tools! I personally always use a 1 inch. But they have many to choose from and another bonus is they are currently on sale right now at Ulta!

Bumble and Bumble | This is a great spray as well to achieve a beachy wave. The price is high in my opinion. But it is a great product for what you are trying to achieve!

I hope you all enjoyed this post! I hope you have a wonderful Friday as well.

Have you tried any of these products? What are you Haircare Favorites?

Xoxo- Your Bohemian Blonde

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