Last minute Christmas Presents

Sorry guys I have been MIA. I am currently dealing with a sick 2 year old who has the flu. Thankfully he is getting over this fast but he still wants my attention 24/7 so my blogging has been put on the back burner.

He is currently napping so I figured I would take this time to show you some amazing gift ideas I found online while shopping. These can be completely purchased at home sitting in your robe so you won’t have to deal with the huge crowd of last minute shoppers. Can I get an Amen? Totally kidding…

Fujifilm | Currently in stock in two different colors for the price of $39.99! This would be a perfect gift!

Italia-Deluxe | This is a great price for a pack of 12 lip liners. (Keep in mind I have not purchased this so I have no opinion of whether or not they are worth it.) This has close to 2k reviews and 68% of those reviews have rated this product 5 stars!

Flash cards | I currently have this in my cart as we speak because I think this would be a perfect gift for your child. You receive 4 sets of flash cards to teach them their shapes, colors, numbers, and letters.

Bath Bombs | I stumbled upon this while I was checking out the lip liners and I must say this is a great gift for the price considering Lush sells their bath bombs individually for $4-$10. You could easily separate these bath bombs for stocking stuffers or give as a whole. The reviews are amazing as well!

Dewalt | This is currently on sale as well. Almost 4K reviews and 79% rated this 5 stars. This would be perfect for that handy man or woman to gift to.

Are you finished with Christmas shopping? Do you wait to the very last minute? If so I hope these choices help with picking out a gift.

Xoxo – Your Bohemian Blonde

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