Christmas | Beauty Products Round-Up

Sorry I have been so MIA. I have currently been trying to get my house back in order after Christmas. I figured since I had enough time this morning I would share some of the beauty products I received as a gift.

Morphe | So I received this palette which I can’t find on the website…She also accidentally dropped it and one of the eyeshadows broke. I have used a couple shades and they swatch great.

Stila | This is a gorgeous dusty rose liquid lip in the shade “patina”. I have wore this on and off since I got it and I love it. It doesn’t stay on once it comes in contact with drinks or food which is fine for me. It doesn’t make my lips crusty or dry either. Would I purchase this after I run out? Maybe. I didn’t know the price until now so I would be iffy considering I could buy ABH for cheaper.

(Stila “Patina”)

Huda Beauty | I received these mini lip sets. Which I haven’t got to use yet. However, they swatched great as well.

(Picture left to right: Trendsetter, Venus, Flirt, Bombshell)

I also received a volcanic Ash Essence Mask Sheet which helps to deliver abundant moisture and nourishment deep into your skin. I can’t wait to try these out! I couldn’t find no link for them.

Angled Cat Eyeliner | I haven’t got to try this out either but I am so intrigued by this because I am wondering if it is easier to use.

I also received a pair of natural lashes by Paris Hilton. I honestly had no clue she even had lashes out. I haven’t got to try these yet either because I didn’t want to mess up the packaging before I posted it on here.

& this sums up my beauty products I received. I also got countless gift cards to different stores so I will be making a trip soon. I hope everyone had a wonderful Christmas!

Xoxo – Your Bohemian Blonde

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