Expectations lead to Disappointments

I can not believe it is already 2018! WTC!! I hope you all had a wonderful day/evening/night ringing in the new year Monday! I did not get to post a blog because…well…New Year’s Day is actually my Birthday as well. I turned 26! My boyfriend and I, plus, our son hung out at his brother and wife’s house + their kids. As it got later in the night we decided to play Nasty Things board game. Just a heads up! This game is not for kids…adults only. It is hilarious though if you have a sense of humor. I totally recommend it for shits and giggles.

So I celebrated my Birthday Monday day just by hanging out with my family and doing what I enjoy – eating pizza and cake. I love spending time with my family especially when I am receiving gifts…okay, I am totally kidding.

Anyways, it being the new year everyone posts statuses/blogs about their resolutions. To be honest, I have never understood resolutions because 1. Just because it is a New Year doesn’t technically mean you are a new you. Not to be a Debbie Downer butttt you are still the same person as you were just before the ball dropped. 2. Resolutions suck. I personally feel like you make resolutions up to only set yourself up for future dissappointments.


Instead of making resolutions I make goals. Do I achieve these goals? Most of them, yes. I prefer setting small goals that I want to achieve each month. When you set one huge resolution is putting too much stress and in my shoes anxiety on yourself that it becomes overwhelming and then you become discouraged and you quit. My favorite thing to do is to buy a journal and to actually write down what you want to accomplish this year…what your goals are.

My Goals:

  • I will drink more water this year. I am severally addicted to Sprite or Fanta. It is my weakness.
  • I will read more. My first love was reading at a young age and since technology has took over the world – I do less reading.
  • I will put my phone down more and enjoy life. I get so caught up in all of the social media world that I forget what is most important – my family.
  • I will not let fear control my life.
  • I will actively blog as much as I want whenever I want.
  • I will get back to working out and taking care of my body. I felt the best mentally and physically this past summer.
  • I will travel more and enjoy life more.
  • I will get closer to God and show my son his unconditional love.
  • I will write more.
  • Live by one of my favorite quotes: “I would rather do nothing and be happy than do something I know I don’t love.”

I know this is so cliche but we seriously only have one life to live on this earth and we are not getting any younger. Idc, how much plastic surgery you get. So ask yourself: Are you really happy or are you just comfortable? There is nothing wrong with being comfortable but I, personally, do not want to be doing the same thing every day. There are two options: Make progress or make excuses. Or better yet..Are you really living life? Or are you just paying bills until you die?

Comment your goals for this month!

XoXo – Your Bohemian Blonde

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