Beauty | Major Ulta Haul

Happy Monday!!

I could not wait to spend my Ulta gift card I received for Christmas. So I had a date night yesterday which resulted in my boyfriend and I going to Lowes, Wal-Mart, and Ulta. We also went out to eat and on my way home which is an hour & a half away I realized I left my new scarf sitting in the booth. 😦 Sad I know.

But anyways…

The Ulta I went to amazingly had Morphe palettes in stock so I took them all. 🙂 literally. Here is what I got:

25B | Bronzed Mocha |

I was so happy to get my hands on this! I can’t wait to try this out. The palette I have is the newly redesigned palette. It has a black hard case on top compared to the clear see through and the clear packing inside has all of the shade names printed on it for reference. LOVE!!

350 | Color Nature Glow |

I was hoping of all palettes for Ulta to have that this would be one of them! Have you tried this palette? What are your comparisons of this and the 3502?

9A | Always Golden |

So you are probably thinking why the hell did I buy three palettes that have pretty much the same shades of browns? Well Sharon, they’re not the same shades. Plus, I bought this palette because it’s small enough to travel with and easy for me to do a simple/neutral eye look when I am on the run.

M•A•C | Pro Longwear | (Shade: NC15)

So I purchased the MAC Studio Fix plus not long ago. I used it for a whole month and fell in love. Then after a month of using it I started breaking out. BAD. Like under the surface major facial breakouts. I am hoping that this formula to this foundation doesn’t do me the same way. I will give my honest opinion in a month. If you have tried this and the Studio fix..please! Tell me your opinions!

NYX| Powder Puff | (Shade: Pop Quiz)

So I bought this as I was walking to check out. I remembered seeing this on IG but I hadn’t saw anyone’s reviews on it to know if I would like it. I had previously just looked at the colors of their Satin lip that I love (Currently using Soft Spoken in the satin liquid lip) but I did not see any other colors that would look good on me in my opinion. So I purchased this and I can’t wait to try it out. What are your thoughts or opinions?

Tarte | Shape Tape |

Everybody and their grandma is currently using this and I finally got my hands on it. Are their currently any dupes for this is my next question because dropping $27 for a Concealer each time I run out is a full tank of gas for me. Like, for real, wtf, Tarte.

Alright ladiessss & gents….This sums up my Major Ulta Haul. What is your current favorite: eyeshadow palette, Concealer, and foundation?

Xoxo- Your Bohemian Blonde

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