Beauty | All about Sigma Brushes

So the last time I talked about a more affordable makeup brush which was Morphe and you can check them out here. Today I am going to talk about a more high-end option called Sigma brushes. I received this set as a gift that you can purchase here or you can purchase them individually which I will link down below! However, if you are wanting a set it is cheaper to take that route instead of buying everything separately unless you just want one or two. You do you, boo.

Let’s break it down:

E-30 | Pencil

E-70 | Medium Angled Shading

E-55 | Eye Shading

F-60 | Foundation

E-60 | Large Shader

E-40 | Tapered Blending My holy grail brush

E-65 | Small Angle

E-05 | Eyeliner

F-30 | Large Powder

F-50 | Duo Fibre My least favorite

F-40 | Large Angled Contour

So the differences between these brushes and Morphe is the price and obviously the quality. The feel, weight, and texture of these brushes do differ but in my opinion you can still achieve that amazing flawless look with either/or brushes. I love both sets that I have and I use both as well. Morphe also has tons of dupes of Sigma.

Do you own any Sigma or Morphe brushes? Which are your favorite?

Xo, Your Bohemian Blonde

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