Beauty| Top Setting Sprays

I love using setting sprays and I have a pretty good variety from high end to more affordable. You can use setting sprays to not only set your makeup before and after applying everything but you can also spray your eyeshadow brush to give any metallic eyeshadows more of a vibrant color (which is my favorite thing to do).

MAC Setting Spray | This is one of my favorites of the four. I would recommend this to anyone who is wanting to achieve that extra glowy look or an instant boost of hydration. I think the price is perfect for the size of the bottle. It also comes in other scents as well other than the original.

UD All Nighter | This is one of the first setting sprays I ever purchased and before I tried any others I thought nothing could ever compare. But honestly now that I have expanded my horizon I don’t reach for this as much anymore. I think the price is too high and you can achieve what this offers in something from the drugstore at much MORE reasonable price!

Milani | I AM OBSESSED! I love this product and I can’t wait to buy more. I choose this over any of the others ever since I purchased this. This does mattify your makeup but it does make it last longer. I would also say that this is great for all skin types as well.

Wet n Wild | This is the cheapest of the four and I would say that even though it is under $5 it is still a pretty great setting spray. I use this when I am using a lot of metallic eyeshadow colors when I am trying to conserve my higherend setting sprays. However, this does give me more of a dewy look which I love because like I have mentioned a million times before I have dry skin.


Have any of you all tried any of these setting sprays? What is your favorite setting spray? I hope you all have a beautiful Wednesday!


xo – Your Bohemian Blonde

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