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So here lately I have been testing out major setting powders. When I first entered the makeup world I didn’t really jump right into setting powders cause honestly, I didn’t know what to do with them or how to work with it and why I would want to put a bright white substance on my face?!

If you are not using them yet or don’t know why you should I will be quick to tell you to please try it out! Setting powder is such a great concept because you can use it to set your under eye concealer, clean up eyeshadow with, “bake your face”, and it’s great to cleanup under your contour.

Laura Mercier | Of all of these this is my top #1 holy grail. It is of course the priciest. WAHH! I know. But I have been trying to find a dupe for it but nothing has exceeded my expectations. With this product it gives me that sheer coverage I love with NO texture, NO flashback, and it doesn’t make my pores or fine lines appear larger. Should I say more?? For the price and how much you get is great. This one container lasted me almost 2 YEARS. I will be repurchasing this!

Coty Airspun | So I actually purchased this cause Patrick Starrr told me to. He made it look good on all of his videos and so why the hell would it not look good on me?? Well first of all he uses a great camera and second of all I couldn’t get past the smell to even apply this to the other side of my face. CAUSE HOLY GRANDMA. It’s a strong mixture between baby powder plus, a 90 old year woman named Beatrice. If you can not stand any type of scents then I would stay away from this. Supposedly they have a scent free Coty Airspun but I have not found it at any of my Wal-Marts close by. Online you have the option of 5 shades. I have translucent. It is not a translucent white color it does have an off white look to it so don’t expect to see Casper white when you open it. The coverage however is great I recommend this to a lot of my oily friends if they can get by the smell. Would I repurchase this?? Maybe if I can find it in SCENT FREE!

RCMA | So Jaclyn Hill and Kathleen Lights actually talked me into purchasing this. I really wanted to love this but I don’t know if I can make that kind of commitment?! It is great cause it does not give no flashback, it’s super translucent. However, the packaging sucks. It is so hard to get out and I literally spill this everywhere on me and in the floor. Me not loving it is not because of the packaging it’s because of how it makes my under eyes crease and it doesn’t soak the oil up around my nose. Maybe I’m not applying enough? I’ll keep testing it. Would I repurchase this?? You get 3oz and honestly, it will take me 5 years to use all of this up so ask me then. But the price is great for how much product you get.

NYX HD | This was the first powders I ever purchased and I loved this! I loved it so much until I went to take a selfie and I couldn’t see my face due to so much flashback. I wish I was being sarcastic but I’m sadly not. Everything about this is great though. I loved everything about it until that day and ever since I stopped using it. Please NYX fix this problem!! Would I repurchase this? No unless it had no flashback.

L’Oréal Hydra Perfecte | So I bought this because so many people compared this to the Laura Mercier as a dupe and I had to get my hands on it. I kinda think I had my hopes up too high cause first of all it has a scent not an unbearable scent but I can smell something, it did NOT have no flashback, it did kinda crease up underneath my eyes as the day progressed, and like the rcma it didn’t soak the oils around my nose. Being compared to Laura Mercier is a no for me though just because it didn’t set everything around my nose. Would I repurchase this? Yes!

So this covers all of my setting powders. Get it? Haha

I am interested in trying more though. So send me some that you like, love and hate. Also, have you tried any of these and if so which is your favorite??

Xo – Your Bohemian Blonde

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