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Brazilian Bod Buff

Happy Friday!!

I recently received this fresh new item from Influenster completely free! I was so excited to get this voxbox because I have been testing out face masks, scrubs, cleansers like a mad woman here lately. Which I will be posting about soon! However, this one amazed me so much I had to stop what I was doing and write down my thoughts. Of course everything I say is 100%. Trust me when I say I don’t sugar coat anything!

I have been wanting to try this brand out for while when I saw one of my favorite YouTubers, LauraLee, commenting about their Bum, Bum Cream (which I still want). So I was ecstatic to try this.

Before I give my thoughts about this I would to explain what it claims it does…

It’s a FIRST of its kind to work as a double duty as an exfoliate scrub and detoxifying treatment mask!

OKAY, sold!!

I can’t express how many times I have asked for this to be made in my life!! Two of my favorite things in ONE. I honestly thought this was too good to be true.

So in order to exfoliate with it all you do is dampen your face with water and then apply it. In order to use it as a mask just apply it to your face dry. Easy peazy.

So that is exactly what I did. Let me tell you first that the smell is the most refreshing smell I have ever smelled. It’s so tropical that I felt like I was back on an exotic beach even though it was snowing out. The color of the product is exactly as the color of the bottle. It kinda reminds me of mustard only it has super tiny blue exfoliating beads in it.

I left this product on for the longest time I believe 20 Minutes. I didn’t feel no tingling while it was on or after I wiped it off. I did feel like that it made my skin tighter and more polished/clean. Which I looooove.

I would rate this as a 10/10! Highly recommend!! After this I am excited to purchase more products by this brand to review.

Have you tried this brand before? Your thoughts and opinions? What should I try next??

Xo- Your Bohemian Blonde

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