May | Boxycharm

So I recently subscribed to boxycharm and I am so GLAD I did! I tried subscribing last year but they had such of a long waitlist that I decided to wait it out.

For those of you who live under a rock and do not know what boxycharm is. It’s a subscription of 4-5 makeup products each month for $21! You are probably thinking that’s costly for a subscription but it is totally worth it. Keep reading to find out why…

Ipsy vs Boxycharm

So the difference between these two is that Ipsy is all trial size products compared to Boxycharm which gives you the full size product and more name brands. The last time I was subscribed to Ipsy, I had to take a “get to know you” quiz for them to pick out my monthly items. I had taken this countless times because the stuff I was receiving was useless. It definitely was not worth the $10 a month.

Boxycharm charges $21 a month for full size products and for just the month of May I am in love with the products I received. You can also cancel your subscription anytime online. It’s hassle free!

For the month of May I received:

Coverfx Blurring Primer

Pretty Vulgar Ink Gel eyeliner

Pur Sculptor Palette

Aesthetica three piece eye set plus a P12 face brush

Beauty Creations Matte Lip Gloss in Kiss Me

Sign up!!

I promise if you love makeup as much as I do then you will love Boxycharm! If you are interested in signing up my referral link is down below. Please sign up!

Referral Link – CLICK HERE –

I hope you all have a wonderful weekend! I have missed you all!

Love always, Your Bohemian Blonde

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