Beauty| All about Self Tanners

When it comes to Summer if you are not trying to make your skin darker, teeth whiter and hair blonde then you are doing it all wrong.

I’m all about having a nice tan but only if you are doing it the safe way. I am 100% against tanning beds. You can roll your eyes all you want but I am entitled to my own opinion. I used to live in the tanning bed, I admit it. That is until I started having to get cut on (4x) and had to have routine visits to the dermatologist. Trust me when I say that being cut on and having scars is not fun it hurts to this day if I rub them the wrong way.

Which is now why I self tan and I honestly love it. I’m here to share my top self tanners and why you should try them out!

Loving Tan

So I recently just bought this a couple of months ago and I honestly love it! If you have never tried this type of self tanner before it is a mousse type. You apply it with a mitt as seen in picture or you can apply it with a makeup brush. I use a mitt and I am pleased with the results each time. This is the 2 hour express which means you leave this on for 2 hours for it to reach the maximum level of darkness and then you take a shower (but do not exfoliate) and then you are left with a beautiful, natural tan! Another plus, is that you can use a coupon code which you can find a lot on YouTube to receive the tanning mitt FREE! I also received the small tube of tan enhancer as well (which I still have yet to use). Click here to purchase it!

St. Tropez

This was one of the first self tanning products I had ever purchased and fell in love with. I love these kits because it comes with everything you would need to self tan. I have always purchased this from Ulta. This is the same style as loving tan it is in a mousse formula. I personally think the scent is stronger with this brand. You can also see where you are applying it on your body and it is a streak free application as loving tan as well. Click here to purchase this!

Fake Bake

This reminds me so much of my beauty school days. I haven’t purchased this in forever because I don’t like the spray nozzle compared to the mousse technique. With the spray you can either spray directly onto your body and then blend in with the mitt or spray the mitt & then apply. I felt like this technique did take much longer to apply compared to the mousse. This also made me streak some as well. Click here to purchase this!

Tan Towel

This is one of those things that if you are in a tight time frame and you don’t have two hours to waste getting a tan then this is your go too! This is individually packaged towelettes to tan your body with. This does apply wet and clear so the chances of your streaking yourself is very high. These also have a orangey/citrus scent. I also recommend wearing disposable gloves while applying this because if not your hands will be bright orange. Click here if you are interested in purchasing these!

If self tanners are just not for you because you do not enjoy the smell or the application of applying it and you prefer to get your tan from the sun then I recommend to use a strong and approved sunscreen protection.

My favorite(s) are:

Hawaiian Tropic

This is specifically designed for your face! It has an spf of 30. It really is weightless compared to other sunscreens. Click here to purchase this!

This doesn’t have high SPF but it does help me against sunburn. If you are very sensitive to the sun then I would not use this and use a much more stronger spf. Click here if you interested.

Love always,

Your Bohemian Blonde

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