June | Boxycharm

Boxycharm came in hot for the month of June! I was obsessed with almost every item! If you haven’t already signed up then I beg of you to please do so now! You can sign up by clicking HERE! If you are intrigued by what’s in my picture you still have the chance to receive this months box! You better hurry!!

Breakdown of the items in June box:

For this month we received The Reina Del Caribe Volume one eyeshadow palette and these colors are out of this world amazing! Comes with four mattes that are so smooth and blendable that just a small dip will cover your eye completely. Also comes with 4 metallic shades that are so creamy and dreamy. They are so pigmented that dipping your brush in water is NOT necessary. Trust me you need this in you life!!

Sol De Janeiro Bum Bum Cream

This is my second item from this company and I promise I am more impressed with each product I receive. The smell is so unique and refreshing that I am dying to have it as a perfume. This cream is so comfortable to apply on the skin and is non greasy which is something I look for in a lotion! Definitely recommend!

Luxie Beauty

I love this months brush set way more compared to last month. I knew once I found out that we was receiving these that I knew they was going to be great. I have received other brushes from this brand when I was subscribed to Ispy and they’ve never let me down. They have such great quality and you never lose any bristles. The price of these brushes are so affordable and is a must have in your beauty room.


I love a good set of lashes and these are top 5 for me. This is the first time I have heard of this brand and it makes me so happy to see them gaining more influencers to promote their amazing products! I hope to try more soon!

Ofra lip

This is my first time using this brand and I love the consistency of it and the application of it as well. I just wish they would’ve chose a different color. It honestly looks like I have poop on my lips. It doesn’t look good on me at all. I wish I would’ve got the other lip product instead. The color of the shade is Verona.


The last item is the charcoal waterproof eyeliner pencil. I’m not really a fan of these because if the lid comes off while I’m traveling it’s a complete mess. I also don’t feel like these are long lasting compared to a liquid eyeliner. This was also my first time using this brand and I am impressed even though I don’t favor a pencil.

I hope you enjoyed this months boxycharm as much as I did! If you haven’t already then you need to sign up! It is only $21 a month and for what you get it is totally worth it! I love the products that I am receiving and I am excited to see what next months theme is going to be plus, the products!

I hope you all have a fabulous week!

Your Bohemian Blonde, xo

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