Wedding | CARRied Away

Last year I got to stand beside one of my best friends and watch her marry the love of her life. I’m just now getting to post all of the details about it because I wanted to wait on her wedding video to add it into the blog.

(Pictured left to right: Cierra (MOH), Alicia (Bride), Me!)

I wish I would’ve took more pictures of the place she had her bridal shower at but I traveled 2 hours to get there and got lost so I ended up being late. However, the name of the place is called Mountain Meadow Hunting Preserve, it’s located in Monroe County, WV.

The day of the wedding I was in charge of getting a majority of the Bridesmaids (including myself) and the Bride ready! I managed to do it and everyone looked gorgeous.

(I’ll come back to post everything I used on them in order to achieve this look.)


(The next couple to get married. 🙂 )

Mr. And Mrs. Carr

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