How to get an accent wall for $60

I achieved this wall all under $70 including stain. This is currently one of my favorite rooms now in my house and I want to help you have a beautiful accent wall like mine! It is super easy and very affordable.



Measuring tape

Nail gun & nails

Jigsaw (if you have outlets to cut around)

Meter saw

Stud finder

Step ladder


Building Materials:



Gloves (That you don’t mind getting dirty and throwing away.)


I think the hardest part of this whole project was what stain to purchase to use. Minwax has a lot to choose from and I am so glad I decided to choose Special walnut. I stained the boards a day before I put the wood up and to achieve my look I did different applications of coating for example, on one board I maybe applied only one coat and then the next board I applied three or more. I wanted a more depth affect looking at the wall. I wanted other pieces of the wood grain to pop out more compared to others. When applying the stain I used a dish towel that I didn’t mind messing up because it will be destroyed after this. I just dipped it in and coated the wood.

When purchasing the wood you want to look at the package that it comes in. Examine the wood pieces carefully, this wood is pine and it is very EASILY damaged. It comes 6 in a pack and covers 14sq ft, my wall was only 10×8 so I only needed 6 packs of the wood. Depending upon the size of your wall will determine the cost of how much wood you will need.

When you go to lay the boards you want to stagger them on the wall. In this process you will be using all of the wood up, none will be wasted unless you just have some left over at the end.

(I had extra pieces of wood flooring and I used that underneath it to measure out to leave me room underneath it for the future for when I go to lay my floors down. Doing this step helps me because I won’t have to worry about buying trim for that side it will already be underneath the wood.

With this wood it has a tongue and groove marks for the wood to snap into place. It is super easy to install just make sure to stagger the wood when placing it on the wall. To stagger the wood I started on the outer corner on the main bottom. You want to work front bottom to top it is so much easier. Starting on the bottom on the outer corner we laid one full piece and nailed it down. Then measured to fill in that gap. We started on the next piece in the right corner with another larger piece then measured for that tiny piece. Keep doing this process and inserting all of the left over pieces into the wood. You don’t ever want to put two tiny pieces together or it will be noticeable.

For the wall with the window I used Sherwin Williams Grayish in semi-gloss. The curtains also came from Lowe’s and you can purchase them here.

For the chandelier I also purchased it at Lowe’s last year in January during a huge sale, it’s a little more expensive now but you can purchase it here.

For this wall I did shiplap again. I have posted a big in depth blog post on how to achieve this.

To do shiplap wall click here.

For the paint I used Sherwin Williams Alabaster in Eggshell.


I know! It doesn’t even look like the same room. Before I had those huge corner cabinet inserts (came built in with the house.) I didn’t have anything in them and it was taking up so much space!! Also, I had previously painted the room the darkest red/maroon I could find. I don’t even know why I did that. It made the room appear even more smaller, dark, and gloomy.


I hope you all enjoyed this. I love remodeling this room. I can’t wait to finish the flooring and to purchase a new table. Stay tuned for the final results.

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